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TBC Racing FAQ

So you have questions...

Summer club racing is a new experience for a lot of athletes and parents. Below, you will find answers to some of the most common questions about the program. At the bottom, you will find contact information for people who can tell you more if we didn't catch your question here.

What is the program cost? The junior summer programs this year will cost $1100. Open and U-23 programs cost $400. This covers all coaching and activities at the boathouse, but does not cover away races, which are billed separately.

I can't attend every practice (due to vacation, class, etc). Can I still participate? We want the program to be accessible to all athletes, and understand that previously scheduled vacations are a fact of life in the summer.  Athletes who can't be present for significant portions of the summer, or on a limited weekly schedule, may not be boated in the top boats, but will have an opportunity to practice and compete with the team in lower boat races.

Why are the travel races not included in the general cost? Not all of our athletes travel to all of our races. This is particularly true this summer, where we are sending upper and lower boats to different races.

Why aren't all of the athletes going to the same races? Our experience in the past few years has been that Club Nationals and the Canadian Henley are fantastic experiences for boats that are capable of being competitive at the National level, and poor experiences for boats that are quickly eliminated at this level of competition. By taking lower boats to the Independence Day and Philadelphia Youth regatta, athletes in these boats can get races against excellent competition at their own skill level, instead of rowing several one-and-done time trials and then sitting around for several days.

How do mornings work? We understand that our season starts before many athletes are finished with school. The AM sessions won't begin until athletes complete their school year, usually in mid-June. Morning practices are usually a bit more flexibly scheduled than afternoons, but our goal is 2-3 mornings per week for any given athlete.

 I called the Thompson Boat Center with questions, but they said that they can't help me. Why? TBC Racing and the Thompson Boat Center are not affiliated. TBC Racing does row out of Thompsons, but does not have any administrative relationship. If you have questions about TBC Racing, your best point of contact is Elliott Lane at